meet cougarHow To Meet Cougars

There are a number of married women who want to have an affair. They are probably going through the same marital problems they have been going through for years, and just want out break out and have an affair with someone random. If you are a single man in the online dating game, then you should probably know about how great it is to date cougars. Dating cougars is often easier and more fun than trying to hook up with 25 year-old single ladies. Cougars are often just looking to have an affair with someone that strikes their fancy. They are not interested in how hot you are, or what you want out of life. They want you because they want sex, which is why dating cougars can be so much fun.

Here are some tips for how to meet and pull married women into your life. Whether you want to woo them with words or take them out and show them you are a man of action, there are married women out there who will want to have an affair with you.

Seduce Married Woman

Do you want to know how I seduce married woman? I take the approach that they want to be respected for their intelligence and emotional maturity. If these were 25 year old girls then I would be saying something different, but when I want to seduce a married women I never start talking about her body – I always start with her brain.

Compliment Her Intelligence

She might explain to you why she is having an affair. Instead of blowing this off to get to the casual sex, I always let her ideas really develop and hear her out. Maybe it won’t be about her affair. Maybe she will just want to talk about your day. Either way, let the conversation start slowly, and never jump ahead too quickly. I always like to mention how I dig the way she reasons through life, or how she makes decisions. Falling back on personality traits is a great way for her to build trust with you. Also, married women that are looking to have an affair are probably quite fragile from all the marital problems they experience. Undoubtedly they have come home to an angry husband for months on end, always criticizing and making life difficult. She probably feels deeply disrespected and lost, with nowhere to turn. That’s why complimenting her intelligence always works like a charm.

Dating Cougars Means Complimenting Her Hair, Not Her Breasts

Dating cougars comes with a whole other ball game of exciting pointers for men. For example, if you want to compliment a married woman on her looks, it’s always best to start with the hair. Again, you can be sure that marital problems have meant that no one has complimented her body much in the past few months. Not only that, but she probably has gained weight with all the stress of her marital problems, so she is not going to be feeling to confident. All this can play to your advantage if you don’t say the wrong thing like “I think your boobs are hot”. You have to match her emotional and mental intelligence and find ways to compliment her that will build trust between her and you.

Once you have that trust, then you can begin seducing a married lady. This is the hardest part of pulling a married women. You always need to be very selective with what you say, especially if it pertains to her marital problems. Never focus on the sad stuff, only the happy stuff about the future will get you dating a cougar in no time.

Seduce A Married Woman

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