power checkWome Rule In The Bedroom

It’s a fact of life that women rule the bedroom. Men can always suggest or be direct about what they want, and of course most of the time that means casual sex. Women hold the key to the casual sex, and only allow the door to be open every once and awhile. That’s what keeps men so interested – the chase is always on, especially when it comes to figuring out how to ask for casual sex without sounding too forward or too rude. If it’s casual sex you are looking, then don’t expect to be able to find it on NoLongerLonely.com. Is NoLongerLonely.com good for online hookup dates? Well, it’s a site that claims to connect people that are lonely and want a sexual partner, and that’s all well and great – but from my experience they don’t succeed at connecting anyone. I know that I kept messaging girl after girl after girl, and it was always the same reaction: nothing. I think I know pretty well how to ask for casual sex, so I put down as just a bad site for meeting ladies. If you want a site with powerful women that know how to rule the bedroom and make things happen with you, then I suggest checking out AffairHookups.com.

Who Rules When It Comes To Sex

It’s obvious that women rule when it comes to sex. The reason why women know what’s best when it comes to the sack is that they can hold off and let the tension and arousal build up. It’s not that easy to hook up with a girl because they will have some expectations about what you should be doing as a man to be rewarded with sex. That’s why they rule, because they can hold all the power. If they say no, then men have to change their behaviour to get women to say yes. Here are a couple tips for men who want to figure out how to ask for casual sex:

If She Likes It Don’t Stop

Women love consistency and reliability. They also love being told how awesome and fun they are to be around. So, if you are never late for your meetups and you are saying nice things to her already, then keep it up. After a couple weeks she will open right up and you won’t even have to take charge.

Make Sure To Trim

If you respect the women you want to have sex with, then you have to be on her same level. If you expect her to shave her pubes, then you better do the same thing too. There is nothing that turns a girl off more than being disrespected. Especially if you try to take charge and make some demands before she is ready, then you can expect to be dumped in no time. Make sure you are on her level with it comes to groomy and consent, because those two areas are the biggest in the bedroom, and she will want to be heard and respected.

Always Use Protection

Using protection is another one of these power plays in the bedroom. If she wants you to use protection, then you have to. Don’t make a scene about it because you already know that women know what’s best in the bedroom. If it’s casual sex you want, then can you expect any other kind of attitude from you casual sex partner?

Women Know What’s Best

Women know what’s best in the bedroom because they have a lot more demands than men. These are important demands that will make the whole experience better. Having expectations about what the man should do is a sign of maturity. Men need to respect that, and follow suite. Women want casual sex just as much as men. It’s a misconception to think otherwise. However, it is true that women like to allow for a build-up of tension between you two before anything happens. If men can’t wait, then they have a problem.

Sometimes men think they know when to take charge of a women, and make sex happen. Rarely do they get this right. Insisting on having more casual sex, for example, will not actually lead to more casual sex. If casual sex is what you want, then you need to spend more time on other areas of your relationship. Make her feel more valued by sending sexy text messages or making more time to just hang out with her. Women love these bonding moments, and it makes them desire you more if you show that you care about them other than justs for sex.