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5 Signs She’s DYING For You To Ask Her Out!

first dateFirst Date

A lot of the communication that goes on between human beings is non-verbal. While we tend to think that most of what we say comes out of our mouths, the fact is that a lot of it is communicated through our actions and our body languages. In the case of a woman who is interested in a man who does not seem to notice her, she will throw the man several non-verbal signs hinting at her interest, before resorting to blatant verbal phrases that communicate her feelings. Right now, even though you don’t know it, there might be several women you’re connected with that might be dying for you to ask them out. The following are a couple things to watch out for, in case you’re suspicious of anyone.

Her flirting is becoming really obvious

Normally, when women go about the act of flirting, they do so in a subtle way, leaving the man to question whether or not she was even flirting in the first place. However, if she’s flirting with you in a way that is completely obvious, then she is in all likelihood totally dying for you to ask her out. Women with particularly strong desire for a man will make that desire clear and obvious through the act of blatant flirting. The way dating works, the man is supposed to ask the woman out, so women are perpetually stuck in a position of waiting for the object of her affection to make a move on her. If she’s really interested in you, and you have not yet made your advance, then she will make the job easier for you by making it obvious for you and everyone else in the room that she’s really into you.

Her body language is out of control

Body language is the main communicator that we use in order to interact with each other, and it’s usually a subtle form of communication. However, sometime it can be not so subtle, particularly in cases where a woman is trying to communicate something to a man that she is interested in. If she is really into you and you have not yet made your move on her, she might resort to obvious body language attraction maneuvers to swing your attention her way. She might be exclusively playing with her hair every time she speaks to you, or she might be constantly blushing and looking at her fidgeting toes. Every woman has her own way of communicating attraction through body language, and if you still have not asked her out, she’ll practically through her body language autobiography at your face in order to get you to notice her.

She keeps breaking the touch barrier

When women break the touch barrier often, it means that they really like you. If she is breaking the touch barrier more often then normal, then she is practically bursting with suspense regarding when you’re going to ask her out. Perhaps she keeps rubbing her body against your shoulder, or she keeps playfully nudging you whenever you say something funny. Again, every woman has a unique way of breaking the touch barrier, so look out for how she does this and how often she does it.

She talks about a one night plan together

Eventually, after she tries throwing all assortments of subtlety towards you to no avail, a woman will start taking things in her own hands when it comes to going on a date with you. One day, out of nowhere, she will begin talking about a one night plan that revolves around you and her. She might casually throw out the idea of you two spending the night together doing various activities. She might even hint that the night could end in your apartment. Who knows — it all depends on how crazy you drove her while you were ignoring her signs. Once she elaborately starts talking about a one night plan with you, you know that she is really into you.

She practically sets the first date up herself

The final straw for a woman, after the man has ignored every single one of her advances, is to practically set the first date up herself. You might notice a woman come up to you one day and ask what you’re doing that weekend. You’ll say nothing, and she’ll mention a brand new restaurant that just opened up, then you’ll have no choice but to ask her if she wants to go with you. This is a woman’s hail mary play, and it works every time. As men, we tend to be a little boulder-headed when it comes to picking up the signs a woman throws at us, so something women need to take things into their own hands.

Where to Go When Dealing With Possessive Guys

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When a man enters a relationship with a woman, the love he has for sometimes manifests itself in ugly forms like over-possession. Men who are possessive of their women do not let their partners do anything without them, otherwise they would feel the cold sting of horrifying possibilities. This is, in a sense, a form of obsessive paranoia, and women who are with possessive men should immediately start electing red flags as soon as new, unpromising characteristics pop up. If you’re new to the venture, the following is a list of tips on how to deal with possessive guys.

Learn to deal with the extra attention

A man may not reveal his true possessive colors at the beginning of the relationship, but if over-possession is his inherent nature, then it will come out eventually. Once it does, if you choose to stay with this man, you must learn to deal with the extra attention that he will be giving you. Most guys can have their woman go around and do whatever she wants independently without raising an eyebrow. Possessive men, on the other hand, will raise their eyebrow at every possible drawer a woman opens, and will have a set of invasive questions waiting for her at every turn. Of course, the essence of the man probably comes down to more than his possessive nature, and that might be what keeps the woman hanging around. However, it does not change the fact that the woman will have to deal with a lot more attention and questions with a possessive man than with any other sort of man.

Be patient during the bad sex

One of the traits that come with being a possessive man is that they tend to have a weak sexual identity. They always think about their woman leaving them in order to go have sex with other men, which is not a mindset that is most conducive to high prowess in the bedroom. Possessive men are simply lackluster lovers, which mean that women have to be patient when having bad sex with them. Patience in this venture will be the key that saves the relationship. If you combine patience with an open line of communication about how he should act in the bedroom in order to give you pleasure, then you and your partner will be well on your way to having better sex. However, if he seems to have no chance of improving his sexual chops, then you will just have to sigh deeply and be patient as a monk, night after night.

Be honest with him

If your man is possessive, and you still love him enough to be with him, then you need to keep in mind the importance of always being honest about what you’re doing and where you’re going. By keeping an honest exchange between you two, you will optimize your chances of making sure that his brain is fully clear of bizarre paranoias moving forward. However, if you show the slightest indication that you have been dishonest with him as to what you are doing or where you are going, then he will never cease to catch you in the act of lying to him again. Avoid this horrific situation, and just be honest with him right from the get-go.

Find out where to go if you need help

If your man is not only possessive, but violently so, then you need to find out where to go if you need help. If your partner has shown some signs of violence in relation to his possessive nature (perhaps he grabbed your arm a little hard when he asked you where you’ve been all night), then you need to contact the authorities and see how you can go about getting this man out of your life. Even your old pen pals over at the online dating websites might be able to help out. There are several places in your area that you can go to if you need help, and they will all accept you with open arms if you are being threatened by an obsessively possessive man.

If he’s too possessive, leave him

We know that you love him, but if he is possessive to an alarming degree, you might have to start thinking about leaving him. Of course you want to live your life with a partner whom you love, but you also want to live your life on your own terms. Having a partner who keeps an eye over your shoulder at every turn will eat at you over a while, and you really won’t be able to take it anymore. At this point, we highly recommend you leave your possessive man, and find someone else who will allows you to be yourself.