serial cheatersForgiving A Serial Cheater

What to do if she keeps on cheating

Not everyone is entitled to a second chance, but in some cases forgiveness is essential. If you’re wondering how to forgive a cheating girlfriend, just remember that you can’t forgive her every single time she ends up being unfaithful. If you’re in love with a woman but she keeps on cheating on you, despite her promises to get better, you need to drop her and do it quickly. If you just found out that she cheated on you again, you need to send her packing. If you’re a sucker for a crying woman, pack her belongings, put them in a box, and get one of your friends to tell her to bring her baggage to another part of Tulsa.

Serial cheaters: Do they really care about you?

When you’re in a relationship and you believe yourself to be happy, finding out that the love of your life is cheating on you can shatter your world. What’s worse is that you might end up forgiving them because you love them so much, only to have them cheat on you again. There are many steps to take when forgiving a cheater, but dealing with a serial cheater is a lot different than dealing with someone who got drunk and messed up for the first and last time. What hurts people the most when being in a relationship with a serial cheater is wondering about whether or not they ever really cared about you. Since repeatedly cheating on someone is very unthoughtful and evil, coming to terms with the fact that they didn’t care about you can really hurt.

How many times can you forgive a serial cheater?

Forgiving a cheater is not something that everyone can do. In fact, getting cheated on by someone you love is probably the worst feeling in the world. When someone gets cheated on, it isn’t uncommon for them to choose the road of forgiveness because of how much they love their partner, however, how many times is too much? If you’re in a relationship with a serial cheater, you need to realise that they will never change their ways, it’s just who they are. You either need to make your peace with it and settle for an open relationship, or get the hell out of there while you still can.

How to get over a cheater

Getting over a cheater will take time, especially if you were really in love with them. When I got cheated on, it took me months to forgive my ex and move on, and I did this by becoming selfish. For months, I focused on what I wanted and nothing else. I went to the gym, ate healthy, meditated, saw my friends, and did not think about relationships or whatsoever. Eventually I began to heal and everything got better.

He loves me but he keeps cheating

If he loves you but keeps on cheating on you, you need to wake up and smell the bacon. Sure, he can want to be with you, but when someone actually loves you, they won’t cheat on you over and over again. Especially if they’ve seen how much they hurt you. If he keeps cheating, you need to move on.