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Forgiving serial cheaters: How many times is too many?

serial cheatersForgiving A Serial Cheater

What to do if she keeps on cheating

Not everyone is entitled to a second chance, but in some cases forgiveness is essential. If you’re wondering how to forgive a cheating girlfriend, just remember that you can’t forgive her every single time she ends up being unfaithful. If you’re in love with a woman but she keeps on cheating on you, despite her promises to get better, you need to drop her and do it quickly. If you just found out that she cheated on you again, you need to send her packing. If you’re a sucker for a crying woman, pack her belongings, put them in a box, and get one of your friends to tell her to bring her baggage to another part of Tulsa.

Serial cheaters: Do they really care about you?

When you’re in a relationship and you believe yourself to be happy, finding out that the love of your life is cheating on you can shatter your world. What’s worse is that you might end up forgiving them because you love them so much, only to have them cheat on you again. There are many steps to take when forgiving a cheater, but dealing with a serial cheater is a lot different than dealing with someone who got drunk and messed up for the first and last time. What hurts people the most when being in a relationship with a serial cheater is wondering about whether or not they ever really cared about you. Since repeatedly cheating on someone is very unthoughtful and evil, coming to terms with the fact that they didn’t care about you can really hurt.

How many times can you forgive a serial cheater?

Forgiving a cheater is not something that everyone can do. In fact, getting cheated on by someone you love is probably the worst feeling in the world. When someone gets cheated on, it isn’t uncommon for them to choose the road of forgiveness because of how much they love their partner, however, how many times is too much? If you’re in a relationship with a serial cheater, you need to realise that they will never change their ways, it’s just who they are. You either need to make your peace with it and settle for an open relationship, or get the hell out of there while you still can.

How to get over a cheater

Getting over a cheater will take time, especially if you were really in love with them. When I got cheated on, it took me months to forgive my ex and move on, and I did this by becoming selfish. For months, I focused on what I wanted and nothing else. I went to the gym, ate healthy, meditated, saw my friends, and did not think about relationships or whatsoever. Eventually I began to heal and everything got better.

He loves me but he keeps cheating

If he loves you but keeps on cheating on you, you need to wake up and smell the bacon. Sure, he can want to be with you, but when someone actually loves you, they won’t cheat on you over and over again. Especially if they’ve seen how much they hurt you. If he keeps cheating, you need to move on.

4 questions to tell you if you can forgive a cheater


How to Forgive a Cheater?

I’ve lived in Montreal my whole life, and I know all about the dynamic dating scene in this city. There are people of all genders, facial types, hair colors, and body types here, and I know that more than most people. I’ve never been married, so I’ve spent most of my life engaged in the Montreal dating scene. From my experience, about half of the people you can possibly be with have the potential inside themselves to cheat on you. That’s right — half the people you meet can possibly cheat on you. That is a truly daunting statistic, but from my experience, it’s totally true. I’ve been in dozens of relationships, and I’ve been cheated on half the time. Some of those times, I actually discovered my partner in the sheets with another person! Those were all really weird images to process, but I managed to get through them. The person I’m with now has actually cheated on me once before, a few months back. It was a really hard time for us to go through, but I’m happy to say that I managed to forgive her for what she did, and now I barely think about it anymore. If you’ve been cheated on, and you’re looking to reach a place of forgiveness, then look no further. I just might be able to give you some tools to help.

Is an Affair Worthy of Forgiveness?

Is an affair worthy of forgiveness? Well, first answer me this: do you still love your partner. I don’t mean ‘like’ or ‘lust’ here, I’m talking about the real deal. If you truly love the person you’re with, then it’s worth giving them another chance after they’ve cheated on you. Love is a singular thing — there’s no one else in the world like your partner, so you can’t replicate that exact kind of love with anyone else but them.

Is your Partner Worthy of Forgiveness?

Think about your partner deeply as a person, and ask yourself if they are worthy of forgiveness. Basically, consider whether they are the type of person to cheat liberally during every opportunity that arises, or if they only have the tendency to cheat once in a relationship, during a moment of extreme personal weakness. If the former is the case, then your efforts might be wasted (unless you’re into the concept of open relationships); if the latter is the case, then your partner might just be worthy of forgiveness.

Is Your Relationship Worth Saving?

Think back on your relationship, and consider all aspects of it. Did the relationship improve the lifestyle and state of mind of both you and your partner? If it did, then it might be in your best interests to preserve the bond you have with your partner for as long as possible, without resulting in pain on either side, of course. Again, if your partner only cheated once in a moment of pure weakness, they might still end up being loyal to you in the long run. Only time will tell.

Do You Still Love Your Partner?

I ask you this again, because it is the most important situation in these circumstances. Do you still love your partner? Is the love totally true? Can they potentially be your soulmate? If the answer is yes to all three, then you should definitely give forgiveness a chance.

Are you giving your partner another chance? Use these 5 steps to forgive a cheater

how forgive a cheaterForgiving A Cheater

How to forgive a cheater: Tell them how you feel

Figuring out why you should forgive a cheater
isn’t an easy decision, but it is one that you need to make. If you have decided to forgive your cheating partner and try to save your relationship, there are a few things for should know. First off, get everything you need to say off your chest as soon as possible. If you begin to keep things in and start neglecting to tell your partner how you feel, you will never be able to forgive them to your fullest capacity. Also, if you show your lover how much they hurt you they will be less inclined to repeat the action because they will remember how sad it made you.

Getting over an affair: Communication is key

Want to stop wondering if he is going to cheat again? In order to do so you need to start working on your communication skills. It’s completely normal for someone to doubt their partner’s dedication after being cheated on, but the feeling shouldn’t last forever. If you and your lover work on your communication problems, you’ll be able to properly express your feelings without having to scream or engage in a fight — which will lower the chances of your partner returning to his old ways.

Forgiving a cheater: Don’t fantasize about getting even

Forgiving someone for cheating is not something you need to do, so if you’ve chosen to do so with ulterior motives in mind — stop right there! Getting even shouldn’t be on your mind when deciding to get back with a cheating ex, especially if you want the relationship to work this time around. Sure, in a perfect world you would be able to show him how much he hurt you, but if he really cares about you, he will be hurting as well but for different reasons. If you’re fantasizing about getting even every chance you get, it might be wise for you to re-evaluate your reasons for getting back with your ex.

Affair forgiveness is necessary for the relationship to continue

When I decided to get back with my ex who cheated on me in Austin, I knew I had to tread wisely. I also knew that in order for the relationship to work, affair forgiveness was the most important thing of all. A relationship cannot evolve if one person is always angry and the other is always trying to show how sorry they are. Affair forgiveness, real forgiveness, allows the couple to turn a fresh page and start being themselves again.

Second chances bring trust issues

If someone cheats on you, they immediately lose all your trust. Still, some people get back with their cheating partners and try to resolve their issues, despite no longer trusting their partners with their lives. Since trust is the base of any healthy relationship, it is miraculous that some of these relationships actually end up lasting and progressively growing stronger. If you’re having second thoughts about getting back with the person you love because they cheated on you, remember that trust can be earned back after a while, and all can be forgiven as long as your partner is serious this time around.

5 Ways a relationship can change after someone cheats

after affairRelationships Change After Cheating

A Relationship will change after cheating occurs

Being in a relationship with someone is special because you know that they are the one you want to be with, and so when you find out that you aren’t the only person your partner wants to be with, your relationship can change within seconds. Cheating on your partner is never a good idea as it will jeopardize your relationship and maybe even result in its deterioration. Being able to properly identify cheating signs is a great way to prevent your partner from cheating on you for a long amount of time. The very second that you find out that your lover is cheating on you, your relationship will change and your trust will become nonexistent.

Trust will become rare in your relationship after an affair

Learning how to forgive a cheating partner
can be very tiresome, especially if it isn’t the first time that you were cheated on. If you’re dating a cheater simply because you’re in love with them, you need to realise that trust will become very rare in your relationship. Having an affair and coming clean about it is one thing, but if you’re constantly watching over your lover because you know they are going to try and cheat in private, you should just call it quits before you cause yourself any more damage.

Not all relationships withstand cheating

In some rare cases, having an affair can strengthen a relationship but only if the cheater admitted to their mistake and then begged their partner to give them another chance. Not everyone is able to forgive a cheater, and this is because being cheated on is a very serious ordeal, however, some people have been known to forgive cheaters and put the past behind them in order to focus on the future. Not all relationships can withstand cheating, but that doesn’t mean that the relationship wasn’t strong or worthwhile, it just means that cheating isn’t always seen as forgivable.

Retaliation affairs can take place

So, you decided to forgive your cheating partner and start anew, but you can’t shake the feeling of wanting to get revenge on them for doing you wrong. More often than not, partners who forgive their cheating lovers end up wanting to have a retaliation affair to make things even. Although an eye for an eye isn’t always the best way to look at things, some couples see it as fair and cannot move forward until they have a retaliation affair of their own.

Cheating causes resentment and insecurities in relationships

When I was cheated on in Cardiff, I couldn’t help but feel like I had done something to deserve it — which was ridiculous. After deciding to give my partner another chance, I started feeling insecure in my relationship, which made it worse than it ever was. In the end I realised that I resented my partner for his actions and couldn’t continue our relationship because it was turning me into a completely different person. Since I didn’t want to feel like I’d done something to be cheated on or insecure over the fact that the person who was supposed to love me unconditionally had sex with someone else, I knew that breaking up with my lover was the best thing I could do for myself. Want to learn how to how to move on after an affair? Read our guide on the subject.